High Discharge Batteries

There are many applications in which batteries need to be able to charge and discharge, such as in electronics like earbuds. Not only do these applications demand batteries that can charge and discharge quickly and efficiently, but that can also last for many charge/ discharge cycles. Our LTO batteries at Nichicon are high power discharge batteries that can charge/ discharge faster than typical lithium-ion batteries and last much longer.

What is a high discharge battery?

A high discharge battery is a battery that discharges at a high rate compared to typical batteries. For example, lithium-ion batteries tend to charge and discharge at a higher rate than other types of batteries and lithium-titanate-oxide (LTO) batteries have a discharge rate that is even higher. High-rate discharge batteries can release more power to support high-power applications while having a longer lifespan.

Standard lithium-ion rechargeable batteries use electrolytes that consist of lithium salts dissolved in an organic solvent. When voltage is applied, the lithium ions migrate from the cathode and become stacked within the anode. On the surface of the active material of the anode, a solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) coating forms. The SEI increases from electrolytes experiencing reductive decomposition and reduced lithium conductivity. An electrochemical reaction of the anode causes the lithium ions to pass through the SEI to stack up on the anode. The passing of lithium ions through the SEI creates internal resistance which increases as the SEI grows thicker. The thicker SEI also increases the rate at which lithium ions are consumed from the electrolyte. This can result in a reduction of the battery’s charge/ discharge capacity.

Our LTO batteries use lithium titanate as the anode active material as opposed to graphite which is typically used in traditional lithium-ion batteries. Graphite has a reaction potential lower than the electrolyte’s decomposition rate which increases the decomposition of electrolytes and the formation of thick SEI coatings, increasing resistance. LTO batteries have a higher on-set reaction potential with less electrolyte decomposition and lower resistance. This results in superior cycle life performance for rapid charging/ discharging and a longer life.

The LTO batteries from Nichicon charge and discharge at a much faster rate than typical lithium-ion batteries. Standard lithium-ion batteries may take an hour to charge fully while an LTO battery can achieve a full charge in 3 minutes. These batteries can also fully discharge in about 3 minutes. The rapid charging/ discharging capabilities of our LTO batteries make them ideal for applications that require short charging times and high power in a small size.

High Discharge Battery

What are the advantages of Nichicon high discharge batteries?

Our high-rate discharge batteries can rapidly discharge in comparison to standard lithium-ion batteries and they can hold 80% of their charge and discharge capacity after 25,000 charge/ discharge cycles compared to about 1000 cycles for standard lithium-ion batteries.

The main advantages of our high discharge batteries include the following:

  • Rapid charging: Our LTO battery incorporates an innovative rechargeable design with significantly enhanced charging current, ensuring faster and safer charging in comparison to traditional lithium-ion batteries.
  • Micro size: Our micro LTO battery is engineered to be exceptionally lightweight and occupies a minimal amount of space, making it the perfect choice for applications with limited space constraints.
  • Extended lifespan: These batteries are crafted to have an impressive cycle life, exhibiting minimal capacity deterioration during charge/discharge cycle tests. The incorporation of lithium titanate in the anode plays a crucial role in maximizing their longevity by reducing electrolyte consumption during SEI formation.
  • Maintenance free: Our LTO batteries require minimal maintenance and replacement.
  • Sustainable/Environmentally Responsible: These batteries are designed to be environmentally responsible and adhere to international standards such as RoHS regulations, meeting stringent standards for operation.
  • High power density: These high-power discharge batteries possess an input/output density that rivals that of supercapacitors.
  • Enhanced safety and reliability: Our LTO batteries surpass the safety and reliability benchmarks set by conventional lithium-ion batteries.
  • Low temperature: These batteries can operate in temperatures as low as -30℃, ensuring safety and durability even in a harsh environment.
  • High energy density: Our LTO batteries achieve an elevated energy density comparable to capacitors.
  • High power discharge: These batteries excel in high discharge scenarios, enabling rapid and complete discharge when needed.
  • UL 1642 & IEC 62133-2 certified
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified

What are the application areas of high discharge batteries?

Our LTO batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can function independently as reliable power solutions or work in conjunction with other batteries and power sources to prolong the lifespan of the primary source. These versatile LTO batteries are well-suited for an extensive array of uses, including consumer electronics, portable scanning devices, data centers, military operations, smart metering systems, measurement equipment, and various scenarios where compactness, higher voltage, and improved energy capacity are of utmost importance.

Some applications for which our high discharge batteries are suitable for include but are not limited to:

  • Space constrained applications
  • IIoT / IoT applications
  • Wireless sensors
  • Asset tracking applications
  • Energy harvesting applications using intermittent ambient energy sources





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Our high discharge batteries can charge and discharge in a fraction of the time as standard lithium-ion batteries and they can last up to 25 times longer. The lithium titanate anode is less resistant than the graphite anodes of standard lithium-ion batteries, resulting in a faster and more efficient charge/ discharge cycle.

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The lithium titanate battery (LTO) shares many characteristics with the lithium-ion battery. One difference is the LTO anode. An LTO battery uses lithium titanate oxide, while a lithium-ion battery uses carbon. By using lithium titanate, the battery has a significant performance improvement.

The SLB is a battery with long leads, just like a standard capacitor. The leaded profile allows for soldering directly to the circuit board using hand soldering or a select solder technique. Lithium Titanate batteries require an additional mounting bracket or holder placed on a circuit board. The Nichicon SLB (LTO) take less board space allowing them to be used in very compact or densely populated circuit boards.

LTO batteries are safer; they have an extremely small risk of ignition if there is a short. The SLB, Nichicon’s LTO battery, has superior charge and discharge capabilities, such as a 20C charge rate. Even higher rates are possible with pulsed discharges, like those used in telecommunications.

‘The SLB can withstand up to 25,000 charge/discharge cycles and have a lower cold temperature rating than a lithium-ion battery. And its low internal resistance allows energy harvesters to charge with weak currents without loss. They will not ignite if a short occurs. In addition to the advantages previously mentioned, the SLB comes in aluminum electrolytic case styles and size.

LTO batteries deliver a notable capacity boost and exhibit minimal leakage, setting them apart from electric double-layer capacitors and facilitating extended discharge capabilities. Interestingly, smaller rechargeable LTO batteries offer an impressive 20-30-fold increase in energy compared to equivalently sized double-layer capacitors. Capitalizing on this significant advantage, our LTO batteries provide a practical alternative to electric double-layer capacitors, ensuring consistent power output over prolonged time intervals.

Our LTO batteries excel in their swift charging, discharging, and extended lifespan, surpassing the capabilities of standard lithium-ion batteries while prioritizing safety. Unlike traditional lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that struggle with high-power discharge, our LTO batteries effortlessly tackle this hurdle with outstanding charge/discharge efficiency and remarkably rapid charging speeds. The rapid charging capability of LTO batteries makes them perfect for devices that necessitate quick charging intervals or situations where charging interruptions or oversights may occur.


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