Nichicon LTO Batteries

Nichicon is an LTO battery manufacturer that produces cylindrical type, board-mount secondary LTO batteries for a range of applications including automotive, consumer electronics, IoT, and other space constrained applications.

Nichicon supports an increasingly “smart” world with our small, board-mounted, cylindrical LTO batteries. We have just launched our smallest ever 3-millimeter cylindrical battery that provides high performance at a low cost.

Nichicon LTO batteries can operate from -30℃ to 60℃ and you can configure them in series to achieve the required voltage for the application. They can be assembled with soldering via radial lead, solder pin.

What is an LTO Battery?

A lithium titanate (LTO) battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that replaces carbon found on the anode of a typical lithium-ion battery with lithium-titanate. This increases the surface area of the anode to about 100 square meters per gram, as opposed to 3 square meters per gram when carbon is used, allowing electrons to enter and leave the anode much faster. LTO batteries can also charge faster than other lithium-ion batteries, and at lower temperatures, and they can last for more than 25,000 charge and discharge cycles.

At Nichicon, we provide rechargeable, micro LTO batteries for various industries including the automotive industry, consumer electronics, and IoT. Our single cell (2.4V), Nichicon batteries are available in the following dimensions:

  • SLB03070LR35: 3 millimeters in diameter and 7 millimeters long
  • SLB03090LR80: 3.3 millimeters in diameter and 9 millimeters long
  • SLB04255L040: 4 millimeters in diameter and 25.5 millimeters long
  • SLB08115L140: 8 millimeters in diameter and 11.5 millimeters long
  • SLB12400L151: 12.5 millimeters in diameter and 40 millimeters long


What are the Advantages of Nichicon LTO Batteries?

The idea behind Nichicon’s LTO batteries is to take the best characteristics of a lithium-ion battery and that of supercapacitors and combine them into a single, small cylindrical battery that can be used in a number of constrained space applications. Our LTO batteries have the following advantages over typical lithium-ion batteries:

The main advantages of our sustainable batteries include the following:

  • Rapid charging: Our LTO battery is a rechargeable battery with a higher charging current than typical lithium-ion batteries which allows them to charge faster and safer.
  • Micro-size: Our micro LTO battery is lightweight and leaves a small footprint, making it ideal for constrained space applications.
  • Long life: These batteries have a high cycle life with no significant capacity degradation observed in charge/discharge cycle tests. The use of lithium titanate in the anode helps ensure a longer life as they are less likely to be consumed by the electrolyte when forming the SEI.
  • Maintenance free: Our LTO batteries require no maintenance.
  • Sustainable: These batteries are designed to be environmentally Responsible and adhere to international standards such as RoHS regulations, meeting stringent standards for operation.
  • High power density: These high-power discharge batteries have a higher input/output density closer to that of super capacitors.
  • High safety: Our LTO batteries are safer and more reliable than typical lithium-ion batteries.
  • Low temperature: These low temperature batteries can operate in temperatures as low as -30℃ and they have an extremely low possibility of explosion or ignition.
  • High energy density: The higher energy density of our LTO batteries is ten times the density of supercapacitors.
  • High power discharge: These high discharge batteries can be discharged to 1.8V quickly.
  • UL 1642 & IEC 62133-2 certified
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified

What are the Application Areas of Nichicon LTO Batteries?

Lithium titanate oxide (LTO) batteries are used in many different applications because they last longer and are safer than other types of batteries like LCO, NMC, NCA, and LFP batteries. Our small cylindrical LTO batteries offer high performance for a number of applications. You can use our LTO batteries as a stand-alone power source or in combination with other batteries or power sources. Our LTO batteries are ideal for consumer devices, handheld scanners, data centers, military applications, smart metering, measuring equipment, and other applications that require more energy in a small size.

Common LTO battery applications include:

  • IIoT and IoT applications
  • Energy harvesting applications using intermittent ambient energy sources such as solar photovoltaic
  • Wireless sensors
  • Asset tracking applications
  • Space constrained applications





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*The above part numbers are without lead processing, and a 3-digit code will be added to the actual part number

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Our LTO batteries can provide superior charge/discharge power over a longer lifespan than standard lithium-ion batteries and they are much safer.  Our small LTO batteries can be used in a wide range of space constrained applications across industries.

Do you have questions about Nichicon LTO batteries? Contact Nichicon or a distributor or sales rep in your area for more about how our LTO batteries can be used for your application.

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The lithium titanate battery (LTO) shares many characteristics with the lithium-ion battery. One difference is the LTO anode. An LTO battery uses lithium titanate oxide, while a lithium-ion battery uses carbon. By using lithium titanate, the battery has a significant performance improvement.

The SLB is a battery with long leads, just like a standard capacitor. The leaded profile allows for soldering directly to the circuit board using hand soldering or a select solder technique. Lithium Titanate batteries require an additional mounting bracket or holder placed on a circuit board. The Nichicon SLB (LTO) take less board space allowing them to be used in very compact or densely populated circuit boards.

LTO batteries are safer; they have an extremely small risk of ignition if there is a short. The SLB, Nichicon’s LTO battery, has superior charge and discharge capabilities, such as a 20C charge rate. Even higher rates are possible with pulsed discharges, like those used in telecommunications.

‘The SLB can withstand up to 25,000 charge/discharge cycles and have a lower cold temperature rating than a lithium-ion battery. And its low internal resistance allows energy harvesters to charge with weak currents without loss. They will not ignite if a short occurs. In addition to the advantages previously mentioned, the SLB comes in aluminum electrolytic case styles and size.

LTO batteries have higher capacity and less leakage current and can be discharged over longer periods of time than electric double-layer capacitors. Small rechargeable li-ion batteries have 20-30 times more energy than the same sized double-layer capacitor. Our LTO batteries can be used as a substitute for electric double-layer capacitors and provide power for longer periods of time.

Our LTO batteries have faster charging and discharging, longer life, and are much safer than standard lithium-ion batteries. The higher power discharge is difficult to achieve with standard lithium-ion rechargeable batteries as our LTO batteries have superior charge/discharge capabilities and can charge in a fraction of the time. The rapid charging ability of LTO batteries makes them ideal for use in devices that require short charging times or when charging is interrupted or forgotten.


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