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The lithium titanate battery (LTO) shares many characteristics with the lithium-ion battery. One difference is the LTO anode. An LTO battery uses lithium titanate oxide, while a lithium-ion battery uses carbon. By using lithium titanate, the battery has a significant performance improvement.

The SLB is a battery with long leads, just like a standard capacitor. The leaded profile allows for soldering directly to the circuit board using hand soldering or a select solder technique. Lithium Titanate batteries require an additional mounting bracket or holder placed on a circuit board. The Nichicon SLB (LTO) take less board space allowing them to be used in very compact or densely populated circuit boards.

LTO batteries are safer; they have an extremely small risk of ignition if there is a short. The SLB, Nichicon’s LTO battery, has superior charge and discharge capabilities, such as a 20C charge rate. Even higher rates are possible with pulsed discharges, like those used in telecommunications.

‘The SLB can withstand up to 25,000 charge/discharge cycles and have a lower cold temperature rating than a lithium-ion battery. And its low internal resistance allows energy harvesters to charge with weak currents without loss. They will not ignite if a short occurs. In addition to the advantages previously mentioned, the SLB comes in aluminum electrolytic case styles and size.


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