Lightricity and NICHICON Develop a Sustainable, Ultra-low Power IoT Touch Switch

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Lightricity and NICHICON develop a sustainable, ultra-low power IoT touch switch

Lightricity’s ultra-high efficiency indoor PV cells and NICHICON’s long-life rechargeable LTO batteries enable perpetual operation on harvested indoor light energy with months of run-time in the dark

Features and Benefits:

Ultra-low power IoT touch switchA sustainable, ultra-low power IoT touch switch (‘4EverSwitch’) powered by Lightricity’s patented ultra-high efficiency indoor photovoltaic (PV) cells and NICHICON’s long-life Lithium Titanate rechargeable LTO battery also known as SLB series, provides extended run-time and can be left in the dark for months whilst remaining operable.

The 4EverSwitch is fully wireless, leveraging its self-powered functionality and BLE connectivity. This design choice simplifies installation, accelerates setup, and reduces costs. Additionally, it significantly diminishes the carbon footprint by minimizing material usage and negating the need for primary batteries.

A touch on the detection area triggers a BLE signal which can trigger various actions, from illuminating a light bulb to the opening of a door or automating industrial machinery. In zero-light condition, a NICHICON LTO battery ensures extended run-time.

The 4EverSwitch comes in a compact (30 x 30 x 7 mm) form factor and is powered by PV energy harvested with Lightricity’s proprietary, miniaturised indoor PV cell, far smaller than any other indoor PV technology. It is designed to operate from a light level as low as 100 lux to bright ambient light conditions of over 1000 lux. By integrating PV energy harvesting technology, maintenance time and costs associated with battery recharge or replacement are eliminated. The SLB series is a battery developed for IoT applications, with high power output required for wireless communications, a long cycle life that is significantly different from that of ordinary Li-ion batteries, and the ability to be charged by weak current from PV. The combination of these two technologies has made it possible to realize an ultra-compact and maintenance-free system.


The 4EverSwitch was developed to be compatible with two indoor PV component sizes: Lightricity EXL4040
(4 x 4 mm) and EXL5050 (5 x 5 mm); and two models of NICHICON LTO batteries low capacity SLB03070LR35 (0.35mAh) and medium capacity SLB03090LR80 (0.8mAh).

Typical lighting conditions for various indoor environments:

Location Parking/Garage Living room Office Supermarket
Lux Level 50/100 200 500 1000


Estimated runtime with 80% of SOC usage of NICHICON SLB battery during no-light conditions:

Battery type NICHICON low capacity

SLB03070LR35 (0.35mAh)

NICHICON medium capacity

SLB03090LR80 (0.8mAh)

Expected runtime in days 40+ days 110+ days

Number of touches per day for autonomous operation, for different lighting conditions and PV sizes:

Lightricity and NICHICON IoT touch switch

About Lightricity:

Lightricity manufactures and sells the world’s most efficient indoor PV technology (though it works excellently outdoors, too). It converts indoor light to energy with up to 35% efficiency – a more than six-fold improvement on conventional PV. A panel the size of a fingertip will power an IoT device forever. Even in extremely low indoor light, opening possibilities to power IoT devices not previously thought possible with indoor light.

We offer two solutions. For those designing new connected devices, our customisable PV panels can be integrated into any low-power IoT device as an alternative to primary batteries. For IoT systems integrators, we offer off-the-shelf, easy-to-integrate, completely maintenance-free PV-powered sensors for many common measurement and tracking applications.



Nichicon Corporation, established in 1950, is a prominent Japanese company specializing in electrical components. Since then, Nichicon has grown into one of the world’s leading capacitor manufacturers, renowned for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. Recently, Nichicon introduced its LTO battery, the Nichicon SLB-series, filling the gap between lithium-ion batteries and super capacitors. One of Nichicon’s main goals is to promote the SLB in IoT ecosystems as a new and innovative alternative to traditional power sources.


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