Nichicon SLB Series Batteries

The New Nichicon SLB – Small Lithium-Titanate Battery

Are you familiar with the Nichicon SLB, a small-sized ground-breaking battery based on LTO – Lithium Titanate Oxide?

Our SLB has amazing capabilities, offering outstanding performance at low temperatures down to -30°C, with more than 80% capacity after 25k charge/discharge cycles; it has a rapid charge/discharge specification of 20C and has the ability to withstand 100C.

To those working on Energy harvesting, this Nichicon product can be successfully charged with extremely low currents, such as 5uA or 0.01C. Compared to conventional Li-Ion batteries, this allows much better utilization of available energy sources, such as indoor light using photovoltaic cells, vibration for piezoelectric generators, and energy transmission/harvesting by RF. At the same time, the energy density is far superior to any supercapacitor.

If you aim for IoT by #Nomorebatteries, the SLB offers sustainable performance for the complete service life of your product, which means no more battery replacement.

Feel free to contact Nichicon if you have a use case for which you would like to test or trial the Nichicon SLB series.