MATRIX Security Self-Powered Intrusion Detection System

MATRIX Security Self-Powered Intrusion Detection System


Nichicon Corporation and Matrix Industries are excited to announce the development of the MATRIX Security Self-Powered Intrusion Detection System.

Nichicon’s SLB series of LTO batteries and Matrix’s self-powered thermoelectric energy harvesting modules realized an innovative solution. The best part is that Proximity is maintenance-free because it’s self-powered. It’s wireless and is easily installed by burying into the ground. You never have to worry about battery charging or replacement.

With the help of Matrix’s Prometheus self-powered modules, the battery can be kept in a charged state using ubiquitous harvested energy, offering a more convenient and efficient solution for powering and charging devices.

We have found Nichicon’s innovative SLB batteries to be the best battery solution for our autonomous sensor solutions, which require extreme cycle life, high power density, and the ability to be trickle charged from harvested energy. This combination of properties cannot be found in any other battery chemistry on the market.” – Douglas Tham, CTO.

Thermoelectric Power Generation has the advantage of being able to generate power in the dark and 24 hours a day. The era of disposable batteries is over, and maintenance-free and environmentally friendly IoT technology is expected to expand greatly in the future,” states Craig Anderson, President of Nichicon America.

The MATRIX Security Self-Powered Intrusion Detection System will be showcased at Nichicon booth CES 2024 in Las Vegas January 9-12, 2024 North Hall, #10970, IoT Infrastructure Pavilion,

Nichicon Overview:

Nichicon Corporation, established in 1950, is a prominent Japanese company specializing in electrical components. Since then, Nichicon has grown into one of the world’s leading capacitor manufacturers, renowned for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. Recently, Nichicon introduced its first battery project, the new Nichicon SLB battery. One of Nichicon’s main goals is to promote the SLB in IoT ecosystems as a new and innovative alternative to traditional power sources.

Matrix Overview:

Matrix Industries is a pioneer of self-powered machine-learning solutions for connected devices. We deploy and collect actionable sensor data at the edge with our Perceptive and Proximity product lines. Each product includes our advanced low-power machine learning algorithms (Palladium) and unique energy harvesting technology (Prometheus) that eliminates the need to recharge or replace batteries. With Perceptive and Proximity, you can monitor your connected devices from the cloud using our APIs and take meaningful action with that data.



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Douglas Tham