Nichicon Corporation and Exeger Join Forces to Empower Global Adoption of Light-Powered Solutions

Nichicon Corporation and Exeger Join Forces to Empower Global Adoption of Light-Powered Solutions

Nichicon Corporation and Exeger Join Forces to Empower Global Adoption of Light-Powered Solutions

  • Partnership aims to drive adoption of light-powered products in next generation of connected consumer and industrial devices.
  • Exeger becomes Nichicon’s preferred partner for light-powered solutions

SCHAUMBURG, IL – June 15, 2023 - Nichicon Corporation and Exeger today announced a new partnership that aims to propel the global adoption of light-powered solutions. Nichicon will help promote Exeger by utilizing its Powerfoyle solar cell technology in association with Nichicon’s own SLB Series of Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) Batteries.

Both Exeger and Nichicon develop components within the field of energy harvesting. Exeger’s photovoltaic solar cells, which can be produced in any shape and size, convert all forms of light, both artificial indoor and natural outdoor, into clean, endless energy.

As Nichicon’s preferred partner, Nichicon will utilize Exeger’s market-leading platforms; Powerfoyle Indoor and Powerfoyle Hybrid. Powerfoyle Indoor is Exeger’s low-light platform which is optimized to work exceptionally well in low-light levels, making it perfect for products in the home electronics market. Powerfoyle Hybrid is Exeger’s platform designed to be integrated into products that benefit from using both indoor and outdoor light for charging, such as in headphones.

A wide variety of electronic products can benefit from integrating Powerfoyle as an energy source, facilitating wireless charging and potentially eliminating the need for disposable batteries. The synergy between Nichicon's high-performance batteries and Powerfoyle’s energy-harvesting technology, which is the world’s only fully customizable solar cell, makes this partnership an ideal choice for indoor products such as sensors, electronic shelf-labels (ESLs) and trackers.

Nichicon’s SLB batteries, which feature advanced LTO technology, will now benefit from Powerfoyle’s continuous charging capabilities, offering a more convenient and efficient solution for powering and charging devices.

“We are excited about partnering with Nichicon,” says Oscar Hemberg, Chief Product Integration Officer at Exeger. “Together, we're on a mission to break boundaries and accelerate the global adoption of sustainable energy solutions. This collaboration is a step towards a future where devices are powered by clean, endless energy.”

“Nichicon will leverage Powerfoyle to show that our batteries can be charged repeatedly while harvesting energy indoors, proving that both the SLB and Powerfoyle are an ideal fit for home electronics,” adds Craig Anderson, President of Nichicon America. “Together, Nichicon and Exeger are paving the way for a future where sustainable and efficient power generation is seamlessly integrated into everyday devices.”

To experience the revolutionary coupling of Exeger's Powerfoyle technology and Nichicon's SLBs, visit Sensors Converge in Santa Clara, where Nichicon will showcase this ground-breaking technology.

About Nichicon

Nichicon Corporation, established in 1950, is a prominent Japanese company specializing in electrical components. Since then, Nichicon has grown into one of the world's leading capacitor manufacturers, renowned for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. Recently, Nichicon introduced its first battery project, the new Nichicon SLB battery. One of Nichicon's main goals is to promote the SLB in IoT ecosystems as a new and innovative alternative to traditional power sources.

About Exeger

Exeger is a Swedish company with a unique solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into electrical energy. This material, Powerfoyle, is the world’s only fully customizable solar cell. With its superior design properties, it can be integrated seamlessly into any electronic device. Powerfoyle enhances every product it is integrated into with extended or even unlimited battery life, putting the power of cutting-edge solar cell technology directly in the hands of people. Exeger is leading the way to energy independence through more sustainable and user-friendly products – with the vision to touch the lives of a billion people by 2030.



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