SLB Series Energy Harvesting Evaluation Board

SLB Series Energy Harvesting Evaluation Board

SLB Series Energy Harvesting Evaluation Board

Nichicon “SLB” series are “Small Lithium Titanate Rechargeable Batteries” ideal for powering IoT systems. The EVSLB-EHEP02A is an evaluation board that allows users to test the SLB series with combining various types of energy harvesting devices. With a built-in power management IC, the power collection efficiency can be optimized according to the energy harvesting element used. It is also equipped with 2 types of power output, it can be used properly according to the application. The EVSLB-EHEP02A provides an easy way to configure the energy harvesting powered source.

  • Solar (DC), vibration power generation (AC), etc. Input from various harvesters are possible
  • Supports power collection settings optimized for harvester characteristics
  • Compatible with all 5 types of SLB series
  • Supports 2 outputs (SLB direct / 3-5V)
  • High customizability

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  • Energy harvester connection terminal: 1 system DC/AC switchable, Input voltage range: DC: 4.5V or less, AC: +/- 4.5V peak or less
  • Power supply output terminal: 2 lines
  • (1) SLB DC output (2.8V to 1.8V)

    (2) DC/DC converter output (factory set voltage: 3.3V)

    Can be set in the range of 3.0V to 5.0V by replacing resistors

  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function (switchable)
  • Operating voltage: 7-mode release voltage ratio preset + input impedance adjustment mode

    Sampling time/period: 4 preset modes

  • SLB charge/discharge control threshold voltage setting (switchtype)
  • 2 preset modes + custom setting mode

  • Output circuit enable setting (switch-type)
  • 4 modes (always on / PMIC control / external control / always off)

  • One-touch connection/disconnection of SLB series is possible (no soldering required)
  • Built-in charge/discharge stop circuit at high temperaturesExternal control terminal
  • Circuit configuration allows power consumption customization according to required function
  • Test pin placement on main signal lines
  • Product dimensions: 90mm x 70mm x 12mm


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